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After a twenty-eight year gap, Weapon Of Peace made a triumphant return to the stage with their relaunch concert at the Robin 2, Bilston on Saturday 26th June.

The following is taken from a review of the performance that was published in the online music magazine Heart Of A Punk, Soul Of A Rasta ( “Weapon Of Peace were a band I got to see a couple or three times back in the day. They were young, had a message, and were a damn fine band. Now we're living in a time of constant musical reunions, revisitations and rejuvenations which usually fit into one of three categories: the great, the good, and the horrid. Now it’s the turn of Weapon Of Peace. So whilst the thousands of nondescripts, celebrity wannabes and self-obsessed bods frolicked in the mud and drizzle at Glastonbury, I made my way over to Bilston in search of something of a rare commodity nowadays - honesty.

Weapon Of Peace came on around 10.30pm, with the spine of original members still intact. They kicked off with Jah Love, from their eponymous debut, and an hour and fifteen minutes later they finished with their debut single Children Of Today. Folk danced and folk listened, because there was something worth listening and dancing to. Most of the set was made up of stuff from their 1981 debut LP, but there was also Standing On The Edge from their second LP, Rainbow Rhythm, and the B-side Misty Rhodes.

Weapon Of Peace displayed a lot of poise for being newly reformed - it was their musicality and the musicality of the songs that struck me. They seemed to have grown into their old sound. A mightier Weapon Of Peace. They blew some fresh, clean air into the back catalogue tonight, and made the music live once more. Let’s hope they stick around”.

Set list: Jah Love, Come Walk With Me, Don’t Sit Around, Know Yourself, Love, Suspicion, Feelin’ Fine, No Time To Scream, Misty Rhodes, Tribute To All, Baby When I’m Gone, Standing On The Edge, Woman, Children Of Today, West Park, Destiny.

Robin-Alvin-2 Robin-Colin-1
Alvin Davis Colin Palmer  
Robin-Derrick-Bonna-1 Robin-Mick-1
Derrick Ritchie & Bonna Brock Mick De Souza
Photographs by Paul Ritchie