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7" and 12" Singles
childrenoftoday Children Of Today
Children Of Today (July '80)
Woman, Children Of Today (June '80)
Phonogram 7" (1980) 
Phonogram 12" (1980)
if If
Misty Rhodes
Misty Rhodes, If (Version)
Phonogram/Fontana 7" (1981)
Phonogram/Fontana 12" (1981)
jahlove Jah Love
Jah Love, Suspicion
West Park
West Park
Safari 7" (1981)
Safari 12" (1981)
westpark West Park (Flexi Mix) Baby When I'm Gone (Dub) Flexipop! 7" (1981)
foulplay Foul Play
Foul Play (Extended)
Travelling Fever
Foul Play (7"), Travelling Fever
Safari 7" (1982)
Safari 12" (1982)
hitandrun Hit And Run
Hit And Run
Government Issue
Government Issue
Safari 7" (1982)
Safari 12" (1982)
naturescourse Nature's Course Standing On The Edge Safari 12" (1983)
weapomofpeace-cover Weapon Of Peace
Know Yourself, Don't Sit Around, West Park, Suspicion, No Time To Scream, Come Walk With Me, Jah Love, Feelin' Fine, Baby When I'm Gone, Love .
Safari LP (1981)
rainbow-rhythm Rainbow Rhythm
Hit And Run, Blues And Greens, You And Me, Society, Government Issue, Destiny, Nature's Course, Hour Glass, Standing On The Edge, Tribute To All .
Safari LP (1983)
Compilation LPs and CDs
flexipop VARIOUS - The Flexipop! Album
Includes: West Park (Flexi Mix)
Lyntone LP (1982)
safari VARIOUS ARTISTS - 25th Anniversary Of Safari
Includes: Hit And Run
Safari CD (2002)

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